We Repair High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

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Your kitchen probably has more appliances than any other part of your home. When one of them breaks down, it throws a wrench into your day. Don't find a work-around, just call Top Notch Appliance Repair.

We offer kitchen appliance repair services to residents in Bergen, New York and the surrounding area. We handle all major appliances, including:

Refrigerators and freezers
Ovens and cooktops

Schedule a kitchen appliance repair appointment today by calling 585-820-9964.

A broken dishwasher isn't just a time-wasting inconvenience-it can lead to serious water damage in your kitchen. Make a dishwasher repair appointment right away if your dishwasher is:

  • Leaking: We can repair or replace a broken door gasket.
  • Not drying: We can troubleshoot and fix the heating element.
  • Not draining: We can replace a drain valve, pump or motor.

Set up a service call now by calling Top Notch Appliance Repair. We offer dishwasher repair services in the Bergen, NY area.