Before You Buy A New Washer...

Call Bergen, Brockport, Batavia & Brighton, NY's washing machine repair pros

Is your washing machine sitting in a puddle of soapy water? Top Notch Appliance Repair offers washing machine repair services in Bergen or Brockport, New York and the surrounding area. We can work on any brand or model, no matter the age.

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A laundry appliance repair technician can help your family stay safe

One of the most common laundry appliance repair services we complete is unclogging vents. A lint-filled dryer vent can lead to:

  • Smelly clothes: A lint-clogged dryer is a breeding ground for mildew.
  • Longer drying times: An inefficient dryer takes more time and energy to dry clothes.
  • A house fire: A malfunctioning exhaust system can start a dryer fire.

Ignoring a clogged dryer vent could result in a disaster. Don't put your family at risk. Call a laundry appliance repair technician in Bergen & Brockport, New York today.